What is Anxiety?

I’m often asked as a hypnotherapist what is anxiety, well it’s a normal reaction to stress.  Ongoing though, can lead to a disorder creating symptoms of panic attacks and so on.

Excessive worriers can react quickly and intensely to any stressful situation. Things can blow things up out of proportion.   It can often seem irrational as they can’t think clearly . People with high anxiety have difficulty shaking their worries… Life for them can become a nightmare. When this happens this can also trigger actual physical symptoms.

Chronic worry and stress can trigger a host of health problems, the problem occurs when the fight or flight response causes the nervous system to release stress hormones.

In today’s world we can all lead stressful lives, you only have to turn on the TV nowadays to be sent running around the room like a complete lunatic…  Often imagining the worst .

It’s how we deal with these triggers that can make all the difference.

Sometimes in life you have to take a  step back to be able to  move forward…  If these issues aren’t dealt with we tend to  carry them around with us for years…  Often getting heavier and heavier along the way, making life a struggle .

A perfect example of this has actually been written on here on one of my blogs titled…  ‘The lady who changed my life’…  It’s certainly worth a read!