Habits can be a funny thing at times and we can all do some strange things.  Now, let me tell you about me and my weird habit .

Ever since i was a kid, maybe from about the age of around 7 I’ve chewed the inside of my mouth.  Now this wasn’t just the odd chew i would literally rip  and tear the inside of my mouth apart.

This would happen when i wasn’t even aware. I would really go for it at times… Especially when i was watching the TV, driving or if i was reading a juicy bit in a book I’d really go to town…  I never stopped!

I would use my thumb to push my mouth against my teeth to get a really good bite then rip strips of flesh across the inside of my mouth.  This would bleed of course as it would leave an open wound.  The inside of my mouth was in constant tatters, as it healed i would get raised newer bits of skin so i’d promptly chew that too…   I’d create ulcers…   They also didn’t stand a chance and it would cause me a fair amount of pain at times, especially with certain foods… Salt and vinegar chips could be a challenge at times.   

I know this sounds really dreadful and believe me i’m not proud of myself either…  I know it’s a form of self mutilation…  I actually found a warped sense of comfort in doing this…  My mouth never had a chance to heal…  It was my little secret…   Nobody could see the inside of my mouth…  Only me!

I can remember as a kid i’d be at home watching the TV, leaning on the arm of the chair, having a good chew and my Dad would often knock my elbow away to try to stop me…  He’d go mad saying it could get infected…  It never stopped me though.

I even bought a fidget spinner, (that the kids have) to busy my hands…  It helped but not for long.

The thing that really bought everything to my attention is the fact that my son now does it too.  I’m not proud of that fact and actually find it quite upsetting to watch.

The trouble with us all is that we tend to mimic each other subconsciously. That’s why problems follow families…  We don’t even realise we do it either.

Even though i’m a hypnotherapist, I’ve analysed my habit. Even though i can do self hypnosis i can only take myself so far…  I ended up seeking the help of a fellow hypnotherapist.  Together we managed to get to the root of the problem, when it all began.

I’m now good to finally say i’m over my chewing. I haven’t mutilated my mouth for a over a year now…  I did it for nearly 50 years!

It actually feels strange as the skin now feels so smooth, (normal to you guys i suppose).  I’ve actually no want or desire to do it either…  I really am over the moon to be honest…  I now have to work on my son, (he has to come to the party too though for this to work) but hey I’m only Mum to him!

Habits can be a strange thing to others.  People don’t  understand why we do what we do.  When these things develop they feel quite normal to the sufferer…  I’d just accepted that it was a part of who i am.

I actually have a friend that used to twist and pull her eyelashes out… (You guys thought i was weird)!

The thing is, it takes around 90 seconds for these things to grab our unconscious minds attention…  After 90 seconds it’s all down to us i’m afraid to keep these things going…  We do it to ourselves…  We create a loop that just keeps going round and round.  Consciously its difficult to break that loop, Unconsciously we as hypnotherapist can go back to the source where it all developed to break that loop creating a new direction and change. 

Our minds are truly amazing…  We really are fascinating creatures!