Hypnotherapy and the Weather

Hypnotherapy can often be like the weather.

you know when  there’s a storm  brewing…  It can feel hot, humid and often uncomfortable.

The skin feels sticky  and clammy,  it feel’s like it’s far too hot and you just can’t take it anymore…  Your preying for that break.

You feel like you’ve really had enough but can’t seem to cool down or find relief…  Those clouds gather as you feel the pressure building up.

Everything goes quiet…  Even the birds .

The breeze starts up .

That breeze can feels like a blessing as it touches your skin.

After a while the first few drops of rain begin to fall, you can smell it…  That strong rich earthy smell as the ground soaks up that much needed moisture…  Settling all the dust and dirt

It’s the change you’ve been waiting and hoping for

In such a short time those first few drops can turn into a torrential downpour…  Within minutes that refreshing cool change comes in and it feels so good… Like a blessing.

Once the storm clouds pass and the rain stops, everything feels so fresh, new and alive again. 

It’s a new beginning .