Relax Hypnotherapy


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I help people suffering from grief, anxiety, and loneliness. Assisting them in letting go of the struggle. This journey helps them reconnect with life and empowers them to regain control. The goal is to create a reassuring path towards a sense of normal, giving back more good days than bad, and fostering a positive and comforting transformation.

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As a conversational hypnotherapist, I steer clear of scripts – my focus is solely on YOU, the individual.

In South Australia, I stand out as the only practitioner offering this unique therapy to my knowledge.

Thanks to today’s technology, distance is no obstacle, and I seamlessly work with individuals overseas. The world has truly become a smaller, interconnected space.

I offer a wide variety of hypnotherapy services and specialise mainly in the following but the list is not limited because hypnotherapy can help with many issues. 

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What can hypnotherapy help with?

  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Panic attacks
  • Retroactive jealousy
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Stress Management
  • Procrastination

This list is a few examples because the list is endless in reality. 

Contact Joan now on 0415 382 189 to book your free 30-minute consultation call.

My Story

My name’s Joan and “I’m a professional hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people overcome daily struggles like anxiety and depression. I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate life’s challenges, especially when we’re too emotionally involved to see the bigger picture. After experiencing postnatal depression myself, I discovered that antidepressants only mask the problem and don’t get to the root of the issue. That’s why I turned to hypnotherapy, which has transformed my life and helped me achieve enormous breakthroughs.

As a hypnotherapist, I use conversational hypnosis to steer people through any issues they may be facing. I tailor each session specifically to the individual, with no scripts involved. My goal is to help people make sense of their world and bring back clarity. If you feel that your emotions are getting out of hand, it’s always a good idea to seek help. I offer a free consultation in total confidence, which usually takes around 30 minutes. I’m here to listen and help you overcome your struggles. You don’t have to feel alone anymore.”

At Relax Hypnotherapy and especially since COVID-19, I now mainly work over the internet through Zoom, I find if anything, people are more relaxed in the comfort of their own homes. Distance isn’t an issue as it works the same as if face-to-face. The only thing you need is to have a good internet connection and show up!

With the world as it is today, it’s the perfect social distancing